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Objective Of Tamils IT Society (Singapore)

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இந்த 'இணையப்பூங்கா' (Community Blog) சிங்கப்பூர் கேள்வி அறிவியல் கழகத்திற்கென (STiTS -Tamils IT Society, Singapore)உருவாக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.

Mr Sathinathan, the Chairperson and Miss Vennes.


"..Thank you for giving us this great opportunity to meet passionate Tamil souls. 

I learned many issues concerning our Tamil society today. Wonderful experience.

Such events not only create opportunity to help finding solution to solving issues affecting our people educational, social and cultural issues but also create opportunity for networking and get to know very interesting people as well.." 

Comments By: Miss
  Vennes. Please visit here to read her paper on 'Growing Indian Singles'.


Mr Sathinathan, the Chairperson and Mr Hindran.

"..First I like to thank you for make the arrangements for us to come together for event like this.

The event was really great and I feel honoured to be part of such a group. 

I feel good to hear not only the speaker's presentations, but the concerns and the desires they have for our fellow Indians. 

I see there is unity and likeminded people getting together for a good cause.

I enjoyed the session and hope to more of such sessions and seminars in a bigger scale.."

Comments By: Mr Hindran

Mr Hindran submitted a paper on Parenting and Teenagers. Please visit to read his submission.



"..The seminar was a great educative experience. So many different viewpoints and many unknown, unheard facts. It was a good platform to meet such nice people.

An interesting observation was that many of us do share similar sentiments and ideals and this seminar served as the right stage to get us all together. Hope the blog is really utilized by everyone and attain its goal.

Personally I felt youth would have gained a lot from the wise words of the experienced adults. Thanks a lot.."

Comments By: Mr Elavazhagan

Note: Mr Elavazhagan had also submitted a paper in STiTS Seminar conducted on 24.2.2008. Please read his contribution at and write your comments in the 'comments box' shown at end of his article.


Mr Sathinathan, the Chairperson and Mr Elavazhagan


"..In one word, 'Excellent'.  The morning was well spent. Thanks to the organisers.

It is a pity that it was not done on a bigger scale with a larger audience. Much heard from the eloquent speakers. If it halts there, it will be a disaster. Thus, there are so much things to  do now.  The highlighted issues/problems appear to me like a complicated zig-saw puzzle hard to put right easily.  

Collective effort by one and all is of utmost necessity to rescue to avoid issues snowballing or new ones springing up.

Mr R A Nathan
TRC Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Ltd


STiTS Seminar 2008 in progress

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